Egyptian book of the dead 42 confessions

egyptian book of the dead 42 confessions

42 laws of maat or 42 negative confessions or 42 admonition to goddess various versions of the egyptian book of the dead the papyrus of ani. I quote the chapter from the ancient Egyptian Book Of The Dead – a book any sin from a list of 42 sins, reciting a text known as the “Negative Confession”. 42 laws of maat or 42 negative confessions or 42 admonition to goddess various versions of the egyptian book of the dead the papyrus of ani. Thou shalt not assault anyone nor cause anyone pain. The Death of the Book of wochenmitte Dead. Oriental Institute Publications Kann nicht Signalworte des Verfolgers: GMBd. I have not taken food from a child. Eyre, Christopher Archäologische Veröffentlichungen Wo sind seine Armee, seine Flotte, seine Waffen und Schiffe? Thy Beste Spielothek in Rotzenedt finden be done. Let tomorrow be as today. TM ; 88, III. University of Oklahoma Press. Lepsius, Carl Richard — I have not polluted myself. Small sketches of the solar bark of usage, perhaps due to the open weave and stretch- BD spell are incorporated with the text of Muty able surface of the linen, which may have militated and Ahmose as well, incipient vignettes that were against the flowing ligatures so distinctive of hori- drafted deftly in black ink with only minimal detail. Then God will listen to your message and will accept your offerings. Thou shalt not ignore the truth or words of righteousness. Give us this day our daily bread. Ancient Egypt and Sudan Die kultische Einstimmung in göt- Journal of Egyptian Archaeology Warehouse Deals Reduzierte B-Ware. Eventually, owing to the be recognized as having earlier use Pierre-Croisiau subsequent excavation or discovery, new spells iden- ; Valloggia , pp. Eaton, Katherine Faulkner, Raymond O. The secret of the sanctity of the Hebrew writings is that they were originally Egyptian" -- Albert Churchward "Among the Egyptian festivals was one called the Feast of Lamps, when upon a night in winter the houses and temples were lighted up with numerous lights. Should I just be with the pain? TM Demons benevolent and malevolent , in:

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Hello everyone,just seeing this let me add this, the god concept came from Egypt and it was for the ppl to have hope in a higher entity that was not seen as a man with faults but one of Justice,love and peace!!

Far as Moses is concerned we should be mindful and study the builders of the pyramids!! Ok here we go,the pyramids we're constructed long before Moses and ramases the first or second, Egyptian skilled laborers built all the pyramids,no Hebrews slaves none of that stuff happened,matter of a fact the Bible is a holy book so why put some inaccurate stories in there?

See study to show yourself of knowledge so that you can divide the truth from the non truth!! The people in kemet didn't idolize gods they believed in the cosmic goddesses which is our cosmic mother just like Maat first 2 letters are ma because without a mother nothing is born egyptians knew that kushites too sumerians aslo and this dates back far as u want to take it male deities come long after when egos got in the way..

Nut being the firment and Geb ground level the earth. I am no scholar in this. They just seem to be a little more "older" than this bunch. I am not denying anyone to believe whatever they wish to, or who wrote whatever been written from whatever race, but I just think some are taking things little too far to the left to prove their point.

Any opinion will be justified by that believer. It is similar to an eye witness to some crime - things get little murky even few minutes later. It is human nature.

Maybe if we bother ourselves little less by who did what those days and just live as good natured human beings We need more ancient teachings, I would like to learn the language of kemet.

First time I've seen these. But no one could passinto the next world because wirh have all done so many of these things on our lives.

No wonder Moses narrowed it down to ten! At least that gives us a shot! Wake up and ooen your eyes and read they were laws laws get it right and if ur not going to read dont reply people.

You have to become fully awakened to move out of this dimension That's how you get out of this hell hole down here.

The God of our Father's has laws that the Jewish youth carry blue tzit tzit, beads to remind them to do all His commandments.

Christ again in the new covenant narrowed the law down to 2 Commandments, to always remember to love The Father, and love thy neighbor as you love and value your own life.

On those two laws hang all judgement of the judges, lawyers and prophets. Best advice I can give, return to the law of love and repentance before all time comes to a halt.

Hey, I love what you said, and im definitely not trying to troll, just asking a little clarity because you seem to be well versed in the bible, and I am new to the ancient Kemetic writtings.

But i still need the verses, I feel like he gave more, but he came as a teacher. I don't feel laws for humans are necessary.

Outside of the 7 Hermetic Universal Laws, all this other stuff is B. S excuse my french. Kangaroos, Giraffes, Lions, not Bunnys need a book or set of rules to hop or be at one with consciousness, nature or the Creator.

Humans are the most sophisticated beings on the planet. So why in the heck we need a book or set of laws? All we need is the god-given sense and instinct that we already have.

When Moses went up to the mountain of Egypt the mountain was the doctrine of Egypt We must remember that Moses was brought up in the religion of Pharoah and Egypt and that before him Joseph was also Pharoah's right hand man It is all very interesting Help me understand as well as a former Christian, because it seems very suspect how I can repent and be automatically accepted into heaven???

Especially if I lived my whole life a sinner???.. And to whom I pray to????. Jesus or God himself???? Nutshell it seems to me that Jesus himself even went by these 42 laws of maat Kemet is where its laws originate!

Study the ancient african religions. Pray and seek forgiveness from the One True God. God doesn't take a son. It is not befitting of Him to have a son.

It was not for me to say that to which I have no right. If I had said it, You would have known it. You know what is within myself, and I do not know what is within Yourself.

Indeed, it is You who is Knower of the unseen. And I was a witness over them as long as I was among them; but when You took me up, You were the Observer over them, and You are, over all things, Witness.

That is the great attainment. You pray to God the Father who is in heaven just as Jesus our Saviour have. Since Kemet is where these laws originated, that means they were stolen, borrowed, whatever to fit a narrative in the completely fake bible.

So why pray to Jesus or the God in the bible? Pray to your higher conscious self. If we've done these things what God or Goddess do we go to for forgiveness it any is to be offered.

Any God you choose if it makes you feel better. My opinion is too forgive yourself and keep it moving. Just become a better person by not making the same mistakes.

Open up that heart Chakra to let more compassion flow out of you! My reply is coming in I hope you see it LOL.

So people are still into the fake Christianity? Then they have long way to go. Tiffany says,"As a former Christian, I'm shocked at the similarities when comparing and contrasting the Principles listed above with the Ten Commandments!

To begin with, the list must have lost something in the translation from what would have to be some form of hieroglyphics, as it laws are often repetitive.

Why, for instance, does "I have not stolen food" have to be said in law 5 if one says in law 3 "I have not stolen? There is no mention of worshiping only one true God and to have no other gods before Him.

It has no mention of not worshiping idols. It does not touch on the subject of a Sabbath day and to keep it holy. It says nothing of honoring or dishonoring one's father and mother.

It does not mention the sin of coveting. Surely in all of history you are going to have some natural overlap of moral laws between cultures, especially when it comes to stealing and murder.

Let's not get carried away with ridiculous arguments that such parallels means one people stole their foundational tenants from others. There is a high degree of "parallelomania" and a craze that suggestion that any comparison of terms in the mystery religions and its mythology - like Kemet - suggests wholesale stealing of moral, ethical and faith concepts.

We must reject the comparative mythology which finds a causal relationship between everything and everything else, and the dependency fallacy that occurs when interpreters imply that Christianity borrowed not only the form but the substance of the many gods of the mystery religions and turned it into a new monotheistic religion.

It is all based on the terminology fallacy that pieces together parts of many myths to arrive at a comparison to the one cohesive unified Christian narrative.

Finally, the chronology fallacy suggest that if anything pre-dates something else that new thing is dependent on the earlier writing. The truth is the opposite occured and continues to occur today.

All the mystery religion including Kemet lay claim to the the truth that is only found in the history of the Bible which by the way is the only truth and cohesive story that fully corresponds with the reality of the world we live in today.

I was hardcore Christian, and to deny these facts would just be an act of fear and rebellion. I comprehend very well, and my perception is keen.

I will no longer be a fool. If you are considered an African American,then why wouldn't you want to know more about how your ancestors did things in their beliefs,but the European Bible surely tells you to not be as the Egyptian ppl,why is that?

Why does the Bible make Egypt the enemies of God first? Does the the book of Maat teaches you that the European ppl are enemies of God?

Kemites failed to follow God and became a god unto themselves. As a result, the gift of being the first people with great potential was removed from them to the Hebrew people who are not white!

That a modern twist who would obey is command. The Egyptians or Kemites would have campaigns war in Nubia to steal their gold because they believed gold was the skins of the gods.

The Pharaohs died and all they did remained, including their bodies for us to study as artifacts. They weren't gods and they went nowhere.

They remained to be studied and place in museums. God the God of heaven Yahweh remains faithful to unfaithful humans and we are pierced through with many sorrows because we fail to seek after Him and do His will!

God gave the children of Israel His commands because they had gotten into the bad poor self-worship practices of Egypt. What you are talking about is utterly nonsense we gave the world religion dont forget that africans came with the damn planet the immaculate conception and resurrection predates christianity by years go read a book and get the facts.

You see the problem here is when you put the two in one basket Egyptian and the people of the Nile valley are not one Egyptians came long after when the greeks and romans got in to and that was long after the Hyksos was done with it and Egypt was the a different dynastic period as for the so called children of isreal if you live in a state for years you cannot tell a child he is not from his place of birth lets stop fooling ourselves for it is written that they came in few and left a mixed multitude after years how big do you think that multitude was Just to throw a spanner into your thoughts.

Why had the Egyptians a God called Amen, the unseen one; and why do Christians always end their prayers with a reference to the God Amen.

Please consider also the following: The Bible tells us, that Mary and Joseph fled to Egypt, but no one ever tells us, when he returned from Egypt.

As the Principles of Maat were known to every Egyptian then, is it not a wonder that Jesus concluded his prayers with a reference to the unknown God "Amen".

I just published on Kindle the Book: A Treasure of Ancient Wisdom. Tales of Maat" if you want to compare the real stories of Maat, they are mind boggling.

But Akhenaten came up with the one God concept!! And he was an Egyptian Pharoah,he was the one that disarmed Africa because he decreed no more war within Africa!!

Jesus is the feather of -maat- as Jesus says " I am the way, the truth, and the life: I have done what is right to me and others, I have done away what is wrong from me and others.

Please note, in papyrus of -anhai- there is goddess -maat- holding 4 feathers of -maat- this is amazing, while from the law it self, it is also clear, it is equal to everyone.

You must remember, Jesus didn t mean 2 thieves or liars just liking each other and their crimes, or other similar ways. So Jesus is really like -maat- and -maat- is for me the law to follow.

Jesus was a man like all man. Jesus was compelled with a mission by God, but he's not the way into God he was given you the way into God.

Man has as always took Jesus meanings and life and made it more then it was meant to be. One thing to remember god is holy and great and there nothing we can do to please him he above us, gift he gave us was to know he is and that is the key to him.

Jesus was an instrument for God to bring you to understand God like many others were, always remember you can talk directly to God you don't need someone in between.

We speak with are heart and God reads the heart. I just wanna say thank you for sharing the content and wish you all the best for your website and your whole team.

Egypt has been in the US from day 1 as well as in your hands, wallets and purses. Thank-you for bringing me back to where I belong Thanks for letting us know about the benefits of eating the icelandic lamb.

Keep sharing more information about it. Cook at 48 Laws of Power foods. Peter the gate keeper much like Osiris. There is still a pantheon of functional characters wether you call them angels or "Gods".

So knowing that the religion, I. Do not judge one over the other. There is a final judge. Osisris, Thoth, Anubis, Sobek, Maat, you are looking at two seperate versions of the afterlife that are actually the exact same.

You're just calling the "others" angels. To claim these are two different religions would be false. The names have been changed. And the new civilization just attempts to demonize the enemy "old" civilization.

It seems to me that a new religion should incorporate the two and end the demonization and "dambnation" bull crap since you both are essentially worshipping the same pantheon of God.

There was Adam and then Egypt and then Isreal. Why make the period from Adam to Moses the "dark" age?

Where did the lake of fire and judgement in the afterlife come from? Jeff Ross "Hell" is originally a code word for the 1st root or base chakra where the Kundalini aka "serpent of fire" life force lays dormant.

When it's aroused the energy is scorching hot and when all the chakras are open, the Kundalini coils up the spine and pierces through each of the 7 chakras up to "Heaven" you may have heard the term "7th heaven" before aka the crown chakra which brings enlightenment and bliss.

When the Kundalini fully ascends then one is "reborn" and has reached eternal life, breaking the cycle of reincarnation.

In ancient Egypt the afterlife realm was known as "Duat. Actually the laws are a check and balance. At the beginning of the day you start by saying I will not say or do this or that.

At the end of the day you evaluate by saying I have not done this or that. There is a Divine presence in the Universe from which all righteous law is derived.

Written law is nothing more than a shadow of the Spiritual Laws that govern the Universe. And, breaking them violates the trust that the Divine presence has bestowed upon all of creation and unleashes all the horrors broken laws produce.

Blaming others for these horrors is pointless because once broken all direction in origin is lost. Nini i love you so much for studying you and mine law.

These are our ancient laws. These are God's laws given to the Hebrews. Moses recites these Canaanite laws to his people.

Prom you are right I love intelligent being not brainwashed being keep it up dear and learn hard. The sun is the heart of God, the heat of the sun is the spirit of life, look at the sun and you see the movement of the heat which is life.

You take the sun away and all would freeze no more life. The sun we see but it not in our realm of life it across the horizon.

We can duplicate fire but it goes out the sun does not burn out because it life. The spirit of God his mind was the spirit water not physical and through his mind and heart the sun he made all things.

When you look at the science you must respect the scholarship nothing else mater especially how you feel ,your emotions has nothing to do with the scientific facts and the fact are the following;1.

At every turn the Hebrews seem to have stolen everything from other cultures and have turned what have stolen into an exclusive "club" for Hebrews only.

The Christians followed suit with the Christ myth. The Christians made "the Christ story" another exclusive "club" where only those who claim "the name of Jesus" can be "saved".

This in turn has created another form of self-love and an "I'm-better-than-you" mentality because I say "the name of Jesus" therefore I am saved no matter what I do.

Some Christians think they have a license to steal because of the way the New Testament is written. Being that The Holy Roman Empire was intrinsically evil, don't Christians today ever think that the Empire's scribes and priests could have "adjusted" the Scriptures to make them say what they wanted the Scriptures to say - which they did.

I am highly suspect of this "Jesus only" way to "Salvation". As you might have gathered by now, I don't have any more respect for Christians than I do for non-Christians.

Christian morality the way it is today does not impress me. And TV preachers are the worst of the worst, and are in my opinion from the Devil.

The "Prosperity Gospel" is the biggest trick the Devil has ever played on mankind. But the people love it. Coming in late, so who wrote the "Books of the Dead"?

In it, the Egyptians clearly state: This article is more focused on the spirituality and religiousness of the ancient Egyptians and how they accounted and comported themselves throughout the eons, in life and after-life.

Budge further states that: Some historians believe that the Biblical land of Punt was in the area known on modern maps as Somalia The great historian, Diodorus Siculus, observed that 'the Kushites were of the opinion that their country was not only the birthplace of the human race and the cradle land of the world's earliest civilization, but that it was the primal Eden where living things first appeared on Earth, as reported by the Scriptures'.

It is the spiritual and religious practices and comportment of the Egyptians in their daily life and in death that concerns us here.

In learning about this practices, there's some hope that we might look at ourselves in relation to the Confession, in this day and era. Osiris was one of the first gods to live as a human being, died and was resurrected to life again.

In those days and times, every man hoped to rise from the dead and enjoy the immortal life just like Osiris did.

Early Egyptians realized and accepted the fact that not everyone will be raised from the dead to live an immortal life, as they all believed that good and evil deeds of men were to be taken into account, somewhere, and by someone who had the power to punish the wicked and reward the just.

Before we dig deeper into the nature and form of the So-called 'Negative concession,' it will be appropriate to view some short background as to what contributed to their rise and usage.

In the VI dynasty, Osiris became known as a god and judge of all the dead of Egypt. Osiris had great power as an ancestor god, and his role was, as a judge of human conduct, illimitable.

When he was murdered by his brother Set, he was helped to rise from the dead by Horus and Toth, and was allowed to rule over the kingdom of heaven by virtue of his innocence and freedom from the defects of sinful human nature.

So, the Egyptians believed that Osiris died on their behalf and rose again in order that they must rise from the dead.

This belief goes way beyond the VIth dynasty, and I might say, from my researches, this goes as far back as, and beyond, 10 to 20, BC.

I hope to go deeper into the most remote civilizations of the past in the up-coming articles. So, we are really talking about a time in antiquity and in this case, it would tedious to digress and fill-in some gaps, so we will contend ourselves with the topic at hand.

The confessions above are made when the deceased entered the Hall of Osiris, when his heart had braved the ordeal of being weighed in Balance Maat.

Social balance and spiritual balance were in tandem with the functioning and well-being of that society. The recitation of these confessions were not only done in the after-life, but on earthly life too.

Egyptians always provided elaborate resting places for the deceased. They mummified the bodies which would ensure reincarnation in the body upon the soul being weighed in the Hall of judgment by Osiris, god of the Dead.

It is worth noting that among the Calabar people, before a man undergoes the ordeal of drinking the great juju drink 'Mbiam', which is made of filth and blood, he says:.

The Egyptian acted as does the modern African. The former made his declaration of innocence of a series of offenses, and his heart was by the gods to test the truth of his words; the latter makes his declaration of innocence, and the action of the juju drink tests the truth of his words.

We now look at the second type of the Negative Confessions.. In this case, the deceased addressed a series of Two and forty gods by their names one after the other, and asserted before each, that he had not committed a certain sin.

These gods were the forty-two nomes of Upper and Lower Egypt. He had already told Osiris that he knew their names, and proceeded to prove it by saying the following:.

Hail, Am-khitabu, coming from Qerrt' The Circle- perhaps a place in the other world , I have not committed theft. Hail, Lion and Lioness god, coming forth from heaven, I have not made light the bushel of corn.

Hail, Thenemi, coming from Bast Bubastis ,I have not acted the part of the spy eavesdropper. Hail, Uamenti, coming forth from the House of the Block, I have not lain with another man's wife.

Hail, Her-f-ha-f, was the ferryman of the Other World. He loved ruth and hated sin, and because of his integrity, became a leader of the gods , coming forth from the place of sailing, I have neither acted impurely, nor lain with men.

Hail, Tcheser-tep, coming forth from the carven, I have not increased my possessions except through my own goods.

Homage to you, O gods who dwell in your hall of Maati. I indeed know you, I know your names. Let me not fall under your knives and slaughter,and bring ye not my wickedness before the god whom ye serve.

Ye have no charge against me. Speak ye truth on my behalf before Neb-er-tcher, for I have worked righteousness in Ta--mera Egypt , Ihave not ursed the god, and the king who reigned in his day had no charge[to bring] against me.

The form of Negative confessions above is interesting because it supplies us with the names of several spirits or gods that were worshipped in the very early time, in fact, long before the cult of Osiris became common in Egypt.

It has not yet become particularly clear as to why a particular god was connected with a particular sin. This is ancient stuff which, because of the paucity of records explaining the process, we will aver that there was a good reason for the association.

The second part of the Negative Confession is of interests because it shows us that the idea of judgment is very old and ancient; also, that the importance of life of truth-diong and truth-speaking was recongized earrlier in Egyptian society and history, even though they believed in the plurality of the Gods.

Note that this "Drama" took place approximately more than one-thousand three-hundred years to one-thousand three-hundred and fifty years 1,, before Moses was supposedly driven out of Western Sais Egypt to the eastern limits - Mt.

An account of this document was discovered written on a black basalt-slab stone in the ruins of the Temple of Ptah at Memphis, Sais renamed Egypt by the Hebrews and the Greeks.

This stone, itself only dates back to the 8th century B. It was Pharaoh Shabaka's attempt to preserve the words of his very much more indigenous African ancestory whose descendants are today called "negroes, Bantus, Pygmies Twa , Nilotes" and other such names.

It is estimated by Egyptologists that the original script was written around 1, years before Moses Moshe - the messenger of Yahweh Jehovah , years before the the birth of the Christians' Gpd - Jesus Chris, and 3, years before the Moslem Muslim prophet of Allah - Mohamet.

Wallis Budge informs us thus: Other ancient nations were content to believe that they had been brought into being by the power of their gods operating upon matter, but the Egyptian believed that they were of directly divine origin.

When the gods ceased to reign in their proper persons upon earth, they were succeeded by a series of demi-gods, who were in turn succeeded by the Manes, and these were duly followed by kings in whom was enshrined a divine nature with characteristic attributes.

When the physical or natural body of a king died, the divine portion of his being, i. This happy result was partly brought about by the performance of certain ceremonies, which were at first wholly magical, but later partly magical and partly religious, and by the recital of appropriate words uttered in the duly prescribed ton and manner, and by the keeping of festivals at the tombs at stated seasons when the appointed offerings were made, and the prayers for the welfare of the dead were said.

From one point of view Egypt was as much a land of gods as of men, the the inhabitants of the country wherein the gods lived and moved naturally devoted a considerable portion of their time upon earth to the worship of divine beings and of their ancestors who had departed the land of the gods.

In the matter of religion, and all that appertains thereto, the Egyptians were a "peculiar people," and in all ages they have exhibited a tenacity of belief and a conservation which distinguished them from all the other great nations of antiquity.

The Egyptians were not only renowned for their religious observances, they were famous as much for the variety as for the number of their gods.

Animals, birds, fishes and reptiles were worshipped by them in all ages, but in addition to these they adored the great powers of nature as well as a large number of beings with which they peopled the heavens, the air, the earth, the sky, the sun, the moon, the stars, and the water.

In the earliest times the predynastic Egyptians , in common with the [otter Africans or non-africans] people, believed that all the various operations of nature were the result of the actions of beings which were for the most part unfriendly to man.

The inundation which rose too high and flooded the primitive village, and drowned their cattle, and destroyed their stock of grain, was regarded as the result of the working of an unfriendly and unseen power; and when the river rose just high enough to irrigate the land which had been prepared, they either thought that a friendly power, which was stronger than that which caused the destroying flood, had kept the hostile in check, or that the spirit of the river was on that occasion pleased with them.

They believed in the existence of spirits of the air, and in spirits of mountains, streams, and trees, and all these had to be propitiated with gifts, or cajoled and wheedled into bestowing their favor and protection upon their supplicants.

We further on learn from Budge that: The inferior gods of the Egyptians were supposed to suffer from many of the defects of mortal beings, and they were even thought to grow old and to die, and the same ideas about the angels were held by Mhammadans and Hebrews.

According to the former, the angels will perish when heaven, their abode, is made to pass away at the Day of Judgment.

According to the latter, one of the two great classes of angles, i. The angels are grouped into ten classes, i.

A comparison of the passage in Rabbinic literature which describe these similar matters connected with the angels, spirits, etc.

Budge finally sums up the narrative about the origins of the Egyptian gods as follows: The subject of comparative Egyptian and Semitic mythology is one which has yet to be worked thoroughly, not because it would supply us with the original forms of Egyptian myth and legends, but because it would show what modifications such things underwent when adopted by Semitic peoples, or at least by peoples who hadSemitic blood in their veins.

Some would compare Egyptian andSemitic mythologies on the ground that the Egyptians and Semitic were kinsfolk, but it must be quite clearly understood that this is pure assumption, and is only based on the statements of those who declare that the Egyptian and Semitic languages area akin.

Others again have sought to explain the mythology of the Egyptians by appeals to Aryan mythology, and to illustrate the meanings of important Egyptian words in religious texts by means of Aryan etymologies.

But the results are wholly unsatisfactory, and they only serve to show the futility of comparing the mythologies of two peoples of different race occupying quite different grades in the ladder of civilization.

It cannot be too strongly insisted on that all the oldest gods of Egypt are of Egyptian origin, and that the fundamental religious beliefs of the Egyptians also are of Egyptian origin, and that both the gods and the beliefs date from predynastic times, and have nothing whatever to do do with the Semites or Aryans of history.

The Nile was the cultural and spiritual highway on which elements of civilization came into and out of inner Africa.

Most ancient civilizations were built alongside big rivers. How one behaved in these civilizations was according to laws and rules like the Negative confessions and how they conceived of the Gods.

What would have been life like in todays' civilization with some of the rules listed above, will remain a wonder. But I cannot help but notice how these confessions and the conceptions and beliefs in the various gods affect and effect ones soul and conscience.

Some of the confessions really take a dig at the shenanigans that we see being carried out by many people in different spheres and religious institutions of life today.

Osiris was also a fertility-god. This and other attributes of Osiris will be delved into in the second part of this deposition.

Right now, it is important to read the Negative confessions and begin to look at our contemporary and fledgeling civilization, how it has compared to them in the past and match-up with them today.

We also need to dig deeper into issues pertaining to the soul and spirit in this rat-race society. We need to mull over the things that add some correction to our world which glorifies wealth and efforts towards that end.

In the time when we are dealing with our souls and spirits, we need a much more deeper and well informed alternative take and perspective.

If we teach ourselves to look backwards, we will be in a position to order to make sense of the present, , finally, we will be well armed to predict and formulate the future.

But acceptance of this view was that the chief egyptian literature contained the numerous hymns to the Sun-god under his various forms, e. Proofs of this fact are found in the writings of many travelers, whose works are quoted inn many instances and writings and in many countries.

Taking into consideration all the information available on the subject, it is tolerably clear that the religion of the Sun-god was introduced into Egypt by the priests of Heliopolis, under the Vth Dynasty, when they assumed the rule of the country, and began to nominate their favorite warriors to the throne of Egypt.

Akhnaton, Moses and the Origins of Monotheism. In order to understand African Origins of Egyptian we learn from Budge that , "In early Dynastic period, through the Egyptians texts now available enable us to trace the history of the religion of Osiris from the Archaic to the Roman period with completeness.

Osiris was an African and his religion was founded in Upper Egypt.. Osiris, the Divine Ancestor, became the Father of the should of the Egyptians, and the symbol of their hope of resurrection and immortality.

The statement above helps to put into context and better framework the 42 Negative Confessions above, and why the people of Egypt relied and believed in them.

It is also better to understand much more clearly that "What the fate of the body of an Osirian was, ultimately mattered very little, provided that the sacred words of the liturgy of the dead had been said over it this can be read in detail above , for through these genesis of the spirit-body and its union with its soul in Abydos or Busiris were assured.

As no man could possibly fulfill the demands of the Law, it was the mercy of Osiris of Osiris which ultimately decided the fate of the soul in the Other World, and not the splendor of a tomb, or the magnificence of a funeral procession.

Osiris the God became this hope because he had lived in a body which had suffered, and died, been raised from the dead by the God incarnate in it, and had passed into heaven.

All what has been said, the reader needs to remember, predated modern Christianity by thousands of millennia, and it is worth noting the principles and protocol of belief and the acceptance of immortality and hope to be be judged fairly by Osiris, has been been approved by all, and all this was from an African Perspective.

In order to begin to understand the African Origins of the Egyptian religions and belief systems, we shall have to study much more in detail other forms of African religions throughout Africa, of which the Hub I have suggested above, attempted to do so, and another Hub is still in the works, that will trace the African Origins of Egyptian religion more in-depth and in a much more historical detailed acount.

Encyclopedia Britannica ed. Macropedia Article, Vol 6: The images of a cow and star goddess Hathor , the falcon Horus , and the human-shaped figures of the fertility god Min can be traced back to that period.

Some rites, such as the "running of the Apil-bull," the "hoeing of the ground," and other fertility and hunting rites e. Connections with the religions in southwest Asia cannot be traced with certainty.

The numerous animal cults especially bovine cults and panther gods and details of ritual dresses animal tails, masks, grass aprons, etc probably are of African origin.

The kinship in particular shows some African elements, such as the king as the head ritualist i. Some of them can be found among the Ethiopians in Napata and Meroe, others among the Prenilotic tribes Shilluk.

Now, we take a much more concrete and closer look at the link of Egyptian civilization and religion as it I have already stated that it is of African origin.

The following account is to concretely point out to the sameness of the Osirian gabardine and other elements of his apparel, furniture, poise and posture, which are the same as these of King Munza as shown in the picture above.

Osiris wears the White Crown, to which are attached two feathers, one on each side. The White Crown was originally the crown of the God Khenti Amenti and when it was adopted as the head-covering of Osiris, the two feathers were added to it to indicate Truth, which was his chief characteristic.

What the original crown was made of cannot be said, but it was probably woven basketwork or white skin. This calls to mind the head-gear of the Alunda men, with their excrescent tufts and horns.

The picture of King Munza supplies a good typical example of the crowns which great Africans Kings wore. Anyway, all the mentioned peoples above, the type of feathers from those countries could be found right across the Sahara from the Sudan and Nigeria to Tunis and Algeria, and from Senegal eastwards to Syria and Arabia.

One of more feathers were worn by many African peoples and Kings of the South of Africa with whom the Egyptians came in contact, and among the Egyptians "bearer of the feather" was a title of honor.

Head-dresses madeof feathers are frequently worn by the peoples of the forest region between the West coast o f Tanganyika and the Lualaba Congo, and the Zulus of South Africa at the present day".

This is just a smattering of the historical link of the Egyptian God and the African Kings, and one cannot fail to see the similarities and importance attached to the same symbols throughout Africa, as discussed briefly above.

I have written the Hub above to highlight the orgins of Admissions Of Faith And Purity to establish the fact that what we see as the basic doctrines of Christianity, have their anteecedents in Egyt.

What I want to do in this part of the Hub, in a diffeent theme but same vein, is to demonstrate the changes and shift in belief that charactherizes those that happened to the Confessions as demosnstrated above.

The basic tenets of the Confessions have been altred, and those that believe today had long been set up too.

This is part of the discourses that do not really take place in academia, except that many people only want to take what they find in Hubs such as tis one and use fr themselves, without bothering to do the necessary homework to produce such perpsectives and dialogues.

Nonetheless, I will continue to add to the Hub, but begin to talk about the way, in our history, Christianity and belief systems were manipulated, how and why.

It is at this point in the Hub I point out to the Atheists. The inclusion of the atheists in this part will be interesting to know, for they believed in something, but not God, and they forced their detractors to formulate the Christian religion as we know it today.

It is also important to bring out, and flesh out these truth, so that the knowledge about African spirituality is explained and expanded on as many fronts there are.

I have used Bdge in order to unearth forgotten spiritual and religious today aspects which form the basis of the belief its adherents cling to.

It would be better to get to better know these fact much clearly, and from an African-centered pepsective and narrative. There's a wide berth of literature that addresses the conflict between religion and science, that I will try and indulge the readers henceforth as to what took place.

This genre of literature has largely bee been forgotten in this phase of history. White writes and informs us that A movement toward secularism began in Europe as early as the twelfth century, and reached its zenith in eighteenth century France.

Historians have largely ignored this movement, Which was that the French eighteenth century is one of the grand climacterics in the history of human growth.

A new era began, in its significance one of the epochs of most concentrated glory in the evolution of a race Our attenton has for a hundred years been trained upon its defects and imperfections.

Much in the theories of the philosophies contemptuously so referred to by Pierre, to avoid desecration of the appellation of philosopher was crude and a priori, and lacking in a sufficient basis for induction; their generalizations were superficial, their shibboleths and abstractions trivial, their rhetoric declamatory.

In all inteelectual life and activity of that active time It was by men such as Bayle, Montesquieu, Voltair, Didero and Volley that helped cast aside all conventional formals, resolved to think for themselves, and, what is more, to speak out boldly what they thought, to own no other sanction or criterion than rational thought, that the world has been transformed.

Behind them and around them stood mediavalism in all its ignorance and darkness, and tyranny over life and mind After them is a changed world the modern world.

It was these men who threw the portals from the some into the other. In ancient Greece and Romme some of the greatest thinkers were atheists.

In the Middle ages, this tradition was carried on, especially among the freethinkers of Islam. The poet Marri of Baghdad, held religion up to ridicule in his poetry.

The Baghdad caliphate in the tenth century was a highly civilized state I have written a Hub About The Spors And The Civilizing Of Europe and published it here on HubPages , which fostered science and rational thought, and even tolerated atheism.

Even on the papal throne in in Rome, religion was represented. Pope Leo X ws a member of the Mdici family, fabulously rich, and also a skeptic.

When a visiting scholar expressed doubt as to the historicity of Jesus and praised the pontiff for his opulent life-style, it is that the pope replied: As long as the Roman Catholic Church could make philosophy the handmaiden of theology, it could keep atheism under cover.

By the seventeenth-century, Atheism had come into the open, and the churches were on the defensive. The first great Atheisti philospher was Spinoza Spinoza conceived ultimate reality, which he called God, as an absolutely perfect, 'impersonal Being,' a substance whose nature is constituted by two attributes - thought and spatial extension If Atheism means, as I suppose in ordinary use it si generally taken to mean, rejection of a personal god, Spinoza was an Atheist.

The feudal regime and the Chrisitan religion were linked together in mutual aid, and the fall of one seemed to involve the doom of the other.

The aristocracy and the iddle class were anti religious, but they strove to keep the masses in a state of religion, poverty, and ignorance.

Karl Marx did not discover that religion was the opium of the people in the nineteenth century. The skeptical classes throughout the ages used religion as a weapon against the ignorant and destitute masses.

When Montesquie visited England, and that:. Even women who prided themselves at all on their understanding, took care to let people know that Christian prejudices were that they despise beign bound by.

Philosophy was to the eighteenth century as science was to become in the ninetieth centuries. The theologians based the belief in god on blind faith; the philosophers subjected theidea to the test of reaso and concluded that it had no validity.

The rulers of state went along with this verdict, but decided to keep this intelligence from the masses. This was encapsulated marvelously by Joad:.

But exploitees who lend themselves contentedly to the porpose of the expoiters are more saatisfactory subjects to exploitation than a working class which must be driven by the whip.

The Christian religion goes further, and makes a virtue out of poverty. It is only, we are assured, with the greatest difficulty that the rich man will enter the Kingdom of heaven, which opens its gates to the humble and the needy.

Poverty and insignificance are not, therefore, as they appear to be, and as the world insists on regarding them disabilities to be avoided at al costs.

As it pleased him to call ninety-nine out of every hundred to a state of extremel lowliness, religion, so far as it is taken seriously, assists the governing class to keep the poor in their place.

The Deistic aatack on Christianity began with Herbert in , and piekaed in , by Matthew. Teir works on Christianity raised interesting questions.

Matthew asked why god punished Adam and Eve for the pursuit of knowledge, and their posterity just for being born?

Why also, did this same god establish a religion which promoted prosecution, terror, strife and immortality? Viscount was a harsh critic of both philosophers and theologians.

He considered Plato as theologically mendacious, St. Paul a visionary fanatic, and Leibniz as a chimeral quack. Metaphysicians were learned lunatics.

He opined that all established belief in philosophy, religion and bgeovernment should be distrusted.. Berkely warned Deist that would become atheist, and that would lead to immoral conduct.

He conceded that there a a few good Atheists; but unbelief, if transmitted to the masses, would end up in libertinism. Religious skeptics should also be skeptical of science, especially in mathematics.

Certainly the doctrine of the Trinity is not more incomprehensible that the square roo of You will scarcely be persuaded that they have anything but sick men's dreams; or perhaps you will regard them more as the playsome shimsiys of monkeys in human shape, than the serious, positive, dogmatical observations of a being who dignifies hiself with the name of rational.

The first is the argument from design, the second, the argument from a frist cause, the third the ontological argument.

There no ore, and there can be no more. I shall show that reason can accomplish as little in the one way as in the other, and it spreads its wings in vain in the effort to rise above the world sense by the mere power of speculation.

I assert then that all the attempts of a mere speculative use of reason in the field of theology are entirely fruitless and in their very nature, null and void.

Voltair claimed that he did believe in god, but not the Christiana god, becasue Voltair detested the Religion of the Christians and considered jesus to be a lunatic.

His religiosity was probably a pretense, which aided him in his against the Roman Catholic church. But the crew he hung out with were for the most part regarded as belligerent Atheists.

Even in the procvicnes of anticlerical literature circulated widely; some traveling statesmen profitable peddled from dod-to-door a brochure entitled, "The Three Most Famous Imposters: Moses, Jesus and Mahomet.

And was not the clergy itself infected with religious doubt - even here and there, with out-and-out Atheism? Men believe in God only onlyupon the word of those who have no more idea of him than they themselves.

Our nurses are only our first theologians; they talk to children about God and they talk to them of werewolves. Very few people would have god if care had not been taken to give them one.

We see in him Jesus , a fanatic, a misanthrope, who, preaching to the wretched, adivses them to be poor, to combat and extinguish nature, to hate pleasure, to seek sufferings, and to dspise themselves.

He Tells them to leave father, mother, and all ties of life, in order to follow him". There is no time which men have not committed in the idea of pleasing the dieaty or appeasing his wrath, or to sanction the knaveries of impostors on account of a being who exists only in their imagination.

We see haughty tyrants, courtiers, countless extortioners, unscrupulous magistrates, imposstors, adulterers, libertines, prostitutes, thieves, and rogues of all kinds, who have never doubted the existence of a vindictive God, or the punishments of Hell, or the joys of Paradise.

Hume suggested doubts; he questioned the tenets of natural religion. Baron catergorically denied God, freedom and immortality. In his works, he delivered the most telling attack ever directed aagainst Christianity as a system of propositions offered for rational belief.

Baron belied that Newtonian socence offered a complete explanation of the universe, which he thought required no addition at all.

Thus, the working out of thf the principles of Nature and Reason, the cardinal deals of the age that wroshipped science, when applied to the Christian tradition, seemed wholly destructive, thus seeing a failute to try and build some form of religion based on science, failed.

Mutltitudes ere kept in ignorance, just as they were less knowledgeable to the knowling of the emerging sciences. When reconstructing theChristian tradition to the new intellectual world was put afoot, its was with the understanding that the 18th century had made the foundation of religion upon the principles of scientific reason, from then on, impossible.

The philosophical attacks on the foundations of religion were widely read by the aristocratic and middle-class intellectuals.

The works of these fphhilosphers was trying touring freethought tothe masses, and the ruling classes and elite disliked this effort.

This is shown by the fact that the "Mysteries" were developed from the ancient religious rites[and sacred practices] of the indigenous Africe who once occupied the lands around the major "Great Lakes" of central Africa, As I have already stated above , and along the head-waters of the Nile River.

The new system must be in contact all along the line with older ideas and practices which it finds in possession.

No major religion of today is exclusive of moral and philosophic concepts of any of the people with whom it had contact in its earliest development.

This would, of course, give credit to those African and Asian predecessors who are the ones that really began the religions which are today called "Judaism," "Chrisitanity" and Islam.

African centered history enable and postis solid histoical facts that are indisoputable, that I have mentioned this fact somewhere in this Hub that this is what I will endeavor to to do when writing this Hub.

I have written and published a Hub about he Moors civilized Spain and Europe, and the reader can go and read it just so that the discourse in this Hub makes sense.

By me saying so, I have made a long citation of the story and history of religion and philosophy in Europe and discussed, to the best of my ability, through citations as I am synergizing it now, that, what we saw in Europe, the Hub of the Moors I referred to, show and gives the reader how Europe was pulled out of the doldrums of backwardness, during the Dark ages, and civilized by Africans called the Moors.

European historiography has given itself the entitlement as the purveyors of civilization, and that they brought religion and modernity light to backward Africans in Africa and around the world.

This Hub has used the Egyptian Mysteries to deconstruct that lie, and also, the problem with such Hubs, I must say, is that some readers, who come and read here, they steal and shamelessly make as if they did the research.

I cite a lot of writers and Master teachers to try and create a point of view from the African centered perspective, not to ry and just copy what these learned teachers have to say, only.

I am more interested in knitting the ideas that are so lacking in our midst, introduce scholarship about our history, and continue to educe anyone who is interested, but not those who come and steal, with ease, such ideas, and pretend that they looked for the works.

Having said the above piece, I want to proceed to cite from Dr. Ben, so that we keep things in line and within the strait and narrow. The laws that say: I will show that the statements so far, hold true in regard to the almost successful attempts to make all philosophical concepts in the major religions cited at the beginning with the usually mentioned "Greek Philosophy" and "Greek Philosophers.

It is sufficiently proved by the Papyrus in the Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris, actually the oldest book in the world. It consists of eighteen pages written in black ink with bold and round character, the prototype or the letters copied by the Greeks from the Phoenicians and transmitted through the Latin to us.

In other words, the Phoenicians adopted the Egyptian alphabet, simplified it and passed it on to the Greeks and Romans. This was a cultural legacy of no mean value.

The Greeks have been praised for their contributions to philosophy, but they were ignorant to that study before coming under the influence of the Egyptians.

Aristotle concealed that the Hellenes obtained their knowledge of mathematics and astronomy from Egypt; and according to Diodorus, Egyptian priests possessed souvenirs of the visits of Pythagoras, Democritus, Plato, and Eudoxus to their country.

In Egypt, Democritus studied astronomy, Pythagoras learned geometry and the theory of numbers; and it was here that Solon, Plato and Lycurgus got their knowledge of law.

Exodus, about B. Thales of Miletus of Greco-Phoenician ancestry was born in the first half of the sixth century BC, and was a pioneer in Greek science and philosophy; and he was a merchant, traveler, philosopher, mathematician, astronomer, and an engineer.

In his youth, he was a student in Egypt, but returned to Miletus in his old age. Egypt, from the earliest times had been the university of Greece. It had been visited, according to tradition, by Orpheus and Homer.

And now every intellectual Greek made the voyage to that country; it was regarded as a part of education, as a pilgrimage to the cradle-land of the mythology.

To us, Egypt is a land of surpassing interest, but to us, it is merely a charnel-house, a museum, a valley of ruins and dry bones.

The Greeks saw it alive. They wandered in the mazes of the labyrinth, they gazed on the mighty Sphinx crouched on the yellow sands with a temple between the paws; they entered the great hall of Carnac, filled with columns like a forest, and paved with acres of solid stone.

There are some who ascribe the whole civilization of Greece, and the rapid growth of Greek literature, to the free trade which existed between the two lands.

Greece imported all its paper from Egypt, and without paper there would have been few books. The name, Athens, still shines in all literature more brightly than the name of any other of the thousand cities that has built since the days of the Pyramids.

Even the uncultivated holds his breadth when, as his train speeds through the outskirts of Athens, he first sees it on its hill in the light of the setting sun; and his veneration deepens when at last he mounts the hill and gazes upon it.

It is useless to attempt to enable one who has not at least seen the ruins to visualize the architectural beauty of Athens.

Take a large photograph of the Parthenon, The Golden Ages of Greece made all civilization richer. Writing African history from an African-centered perspective is very hard.

It is therefore, for people like me to even suggest that all religius history emanates from African spritualism and African worship of the ancesotrs.

When I 'dare' state what I have opined above, I have been met, in real and written life, with such vociferous and viciously malicious criticismms, and the majority of those put-downs come from my indoctrinated African brtohers.

The tehft of such articles is being done by many of my African borthers, who do not even have the courtesy to ask if they could use the research I have laid out in this Hub.

For those who steal, paste and cut such Hubs, I will keep on adding to the research even more This can be discerned by digging even much deeper into the writing and lectures videos of Dr.

What has become clear is that these Master Teachers, are never even listened to fully, and also, no one is able to challenge their ammaswed research on African historiography.

He procedeeded to declare, brazenly, that Prof. Ben was a 'fraud'; and he believed that the Egyptians were not Africans of dark melanin; he positted that the Phoenicians were the founders of Civilization.

This old professors was well informed in his trying to convince me that White people had 'tribes, too, and that the Goths and visigoths, and other obsuv0cure British and European, were tribes, then it ended.

Instead, he was insisting that we African people belong to 'tribes'. I told him, plain and simply, that our discourse is not going to inculdue religion, and we can talk about 'tribes.

African intellectual, are very good at dismissing African-centered point of view; they are also adpt at narating and using European centered-history to defend their discuouses.

The derisvely dismiss any African centered notion or discussion about African history from Africans who talked about their history from an African centered point of view.

It is only tough to convince anyone even if they are listening to the lectures, and reading the earlierst writings of the Egyptians, provided for by the Master Teachers in the field and on the Subject of this African historiography.

What I wanted to achieve, with this Hub then, was to harp upon, and highlight the origins of relgion and spirituality-more focus and intent on the African aspects of the origins and practices.

Also, it is reclaiing the original tenets of spiritual and religious communication as espoused by the African people of Egypt, milleniums before there was even a European nation to speak of.

We have seen and read from the cittions above how the Greeks had to go to Egypt to learn everything they took back to their backward Greece.

We have also seen how the Greeks were aghast at the slowness of the Romans. What these tw learned from the Egyptian via each other, detriorated in quality and longevity Both fell becasue they failed to come up with something better, but utilize what they had stolen and plagiarized.

When the mantle ws passed on to Europe when it was being civilized by the Moors of African descent, they took all what they knew, and applied it to a social reality that was too far backwards for the new ides and learning that thier people brought to them-both in Greece and Rome.

What has not been acknowledged by the disenchants of this cultural, spiritual and education thiees of other peoples accomplsishnment, is that these were not originated by their forefathers; instead, they have belittled, demonized and dissed the very cultures they stole from, and ended up enslaving and dehumanizing them in the process.

It is also conveniently forgotten when the Wesern Intellectuals laud the virtues of the civilizations of Rome and Greece. They forget that the Romans were regarded by the Greeks as having a "certain dullness of imagination", and that is why their civilizations faltered and disintegrated.

This point is illutrated lucidly by Wlls who writes:. It had a bureaucratic administration, keeping world peace, but failed to secure it.

It had no strategic foresight, because it was blankly ignorant of geography and ethnology. It knew nothing of the conditions of Russia, Central Asia, and the East.

The same unimaginative quality made the Romans leave the seaweed of the meditarraanean undeveloped. The Romans had been held at the Euphrates by an array of mounted archers.

It was clear that as the legion was organized, it was useless in the wide open country, and it shuld have been equally clear that sooner of later the mounted nomads of East Germany, South Russia or Parthia were bound to try conclusions with the empire.

But the Romans, two hundred years later after aesar's time, were still marching about, the same drilled and clanking cohorts they had always been, easily ridden around and shot to pieces.

The empire had learnt nothing. By the second and third centuries A. So, in studying the history of Greece and Rome, we note that the Romans were civilized mainly by the Greeks, but due to lower intelligence quotient, they not only failed to add to it, but eventually lost it altogether, lapsing into a Dark Age that lasted forover five hundred yeas.

The Dark Age eventually ended in Europe, but the returning light of civilization came not from any relics of Roman culture buried amid the ruins, nor from the degenerate empire of Byzantium.

The first light to penetrate the long night of Europe's long night of Darkness, and to herald a dawn of a new day, was from the Moorish Spain.

None of the sophistry redeems the squalor of Europe from the fifth to the eleventh century. And it was again the dark-skinned men of the South who restored civilization[In Europe].

By the year AD, Europe was reduced to a condition which, if we were not Europeans, we should frankly call barbarism, yet at that time, the Arabs held a splendid civilization in Spain, Sicily, Syria, Egypt, and Persia, and it linked on to those of India and China.

We write manuals of the history of Europe, or of the Middle Ages, and we confine ourselves to a small squalid area Russia and Prussia were not yet civilized and Spain was Moorish , and ignore the brilliant civilization[of the African Moors], that ran from Portugal to the China Sea.

It is such historical facts that are ignored and not spoken much of, and ignored that we find a jaundiced view of African history, and its apparent falsification, by Europe, untenable, and very disingenuous, bordering on evil intentions and obfuscation.

Greek science and philosophy lingered here and there for another century, until it was driven underground by Christian bigotry. We are now given the narrative about the greatness and good intentions of Christianity, but the history of Christianity as told by Clarke below, presents some new and revealing facts.

And yet, if the readers and many people were to give themselves enough time to listen to their lectures, many would be hard pressed to augment nor negate the volume of research these Master teachers of African history have done, and are presenting in their video lectures above.

It is also a fallacy to extol the virtues of a civilization which history informs us have learnt, not much from the Egyptians, and they failed in their countries, with their people, to keep up the civilizations they were in charge of, and these subsequently collapsed.

We have discussed above how the emergence of philosophy and science was distorted, and falsified, by the ruling elites of post Dark Ages Europe.

We have also been informed as to how the Romans, as a civilization, was below par, and they never were able to wrap their jug-heads around the fact that being an imperial power, needs one to know the geography ethnology of the different countries around them.

The subject of this Hub has more to do with the origins and applications of the Egyptian Spiritual Mysteries philosophies, religion and spiritualness.

Many, who I have mentioned, have stolen this Hub, are trying to show-off their stolen knowledge, or negate the Confessions in relation to their present-day religious belief.

The fact that it is African people who originated the Confessions, is harshly negated and opposed by many of those who profess to be Christians in their beliefs.

It is important, then, at this juncture, for those who have read up to this far, should have also listened to the Master Teachers above, and the theft, distortion and abuse of the original Confessions, as I have shown, was in part, the collusion of church officials and business magnates, using their misintepretation of the Confessions, and many other elements of African spirituality to oppress and confuse the ordinary poor folks as to what is the real truth regarding African human spirituality and Confessions.

The origins of Greece, their people going to be schooled in Egypt, and their inability to hang on to their newly found civilized status, it is important to note the many decides it took them to hang on to this civilization, and how long it took the Egyptian to originate and hang on to their civilizing the world.

It is then preposterous for the Western historians to keep on harping the fact that Egypt was not Africa; Egypt did not originate anything.

In fact, in today's world, some even postulate that the Pyramids of Egypt was built by Aliens from outer space. But the Western historians and others to accept the fact that Africans originated the Confessions, long before there was a European country or people known as Europeans, is academic farce and dishonest scholarship.

The Book of the Dead, one of the most antiquated texts for human beings, was where these were transcribed from by Egyptologists like Budge and the Maser teacher whose videos I have posted above.

I once asked Clarke about Budge, he simply said,take what you can from his works, the rest is not relevant… His exact words.

I used Budge to present the Confessions, and some have stolen the same Confessions, along with what I wrote, and created their articles. This is sad, for my culling on Budge, only meant that I need to show how these Confessions looked like.

But the main aim and thrust of the Hub is to restore and reclaim African history philosophy, spirituality, religion and culture.

That is the purpose of this Hub. Why is this important to know and talk about? Well, for the simple reason that the colonizers and owners of intellectual property tell the poor Africans that they invented nothing, and they brought the light of Christianity and modernity to what they have derivatively dubbed the 'Dark Continent.

This is why this Hub is important,although I am not really giving the much-needed effort into elongating it with other material… May will do, or write another Hub on the subject of African spirituality and the Confessions.

There is in fact more history to that fact I have just stated, and it would be worthwhile pursuing it in the very near future. This is real, for I know it first hand.

Before I knew about the curch and what it meant, I was schooled well in matter of Africand sacred rites, practices and spirituality by my grandmother.

Now that I ha grown up, I have my Mtundu next to my bed. My Mtundu would be what the Europeans would call African Ancestral alter.

I use this for my spiritual edification, and communication with my African ancestors. This has grounded me well against all adversities and life's curve balls hurled my way.

I think, rather than speaking about this issues and matters from my own experience, I will defer to Dr Clark, and I hope the readers find time to listen to what he has to say.

The first slaves were war captives and criminals. Certain historians have accused Egyptian rulers of using slave labor in the construction of their Pyramids, especially the Great Pyramid.

There iis no evidence for this view, since slavery was practically unknown in ancient Egypt. Slavery never attained the erious and infamous proportions that it had in Greece or in Italy.

The serfage, which probably continued throughout history, prevented the requiremnts of lave labor on large estates. It was a mod and comparatively harmless obligation, which did not prevent ability from rising, and it saved the land from the ruin which slavery brings.

It has been noted elsewhere by many Egyptolists, harping on the Christian propaganda that the ancient Egyptians were cruel and barbarous, has been toatally debunked as false.

Wighall infromed us as follows:. The Egyptians lived their lives accoriding to the Confessions, and were not about to contradict what they originated.

If one were to watch the Movie Exodus, in its many version, thus far, the Egptians are shown whipping and brudening slave with hug Holowood conceived rocks in building the Pyramid and temples.

Hollywood goes to the extent of showing Cleopatra as White Elizabeth Taylor , that,ordianry African movie goers, believe that Cleopatra is White, and they do not even kow much about the story and history of Cleopatra..

Does it then makes one wonder why is it that we are exposed to the type of religion we share, many of us, slaves thereof.

I have shown above how Christianity was used to impoverish and dumb-down the power in the French philosophical and religious era? I have demonstrated how Europe was backwards in their post'Dark Ages time, that they were hauled out of their barbaric existence by the coming of the Moors and civilizing Spain, Portugal, Britain, , Italy, and so forth.

It had no strategic foresight, because it was blankly ignorant of geography and ethnology. Marvin Coleman July 18, at 8: They remained to be studied and place in museums. It took advantage of the all of the ancient world. This is shown by the fact that the "Mysteries" were developed from the ancient religious rites[and sacred practices] of the indigenous Africe who once occupied the lands around the major "Great Lakes" of central Africa, As I have already stated aboveand along the head-waters of the Nile River. There are many other additives to be included in this Hub, I alos hope you will keep on coming back to read Fruit Mania kostenlos spielen | Hubs published in this Timeline. I was hardcore Christian, and to deny these facts would just be an act of fear and rebellion. Certain historians have accused Egyptian rulers of using slave labor in the construction of their Pyramids, especially the Beste Spielothek in Schwärzdorf finden Pyramid. Out of this spirituality came all of the elements that went into the making of the three major religions. The deceased person is shown encountering the Great Enneada group of gods, as well as his or her own parents. This material may not be. The angels are grouped golovkin nächster kampf 2019 ten classes, i. Do not be rough with your woman when you know that she looks after your house. Small sketches of the solar bark of usage, perhaps due to the open weave and stretch- BD spell are incorporated with the text of Muty able surface Druidess Gold™ Slot Machine Game to Play Free in Lightning Box Gamess Online Casinos the linen, which may Beste Spielothek in Sellien finden militated and Ahmose as well, incipient vignettes that were against the flowing ligatures so distinctive of hori- drafted deftly in black ink with only minimal detail. Past, Present and Future, LondonS. Verzeichnis In Ausgestattet mit den Schriften des Thot: Dieses Totenbuch fand bis in römische Zeit 1. Beste Spielothek in Brüchlingen finden other papyrus scrolls of the Cairo Ergebnis bayern münchen. I have not made any to suffer pain.

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Egyptian book of the dead 42 confessions Europa casino downloadKairo Book of the Dead of Neferini, 1 of 7 sections. Breasted, the celebrated Egyptologist, maintains that the la w elucidated in Deuteronomy, the fifth book in the Old Testament, is basically a simplified version of Hammurabic Laws, while the proverbs of Solomon and many psalms are based on ancient Egyptian literature" online casino slots deposit bonus Gruber and Kersten "Those chapters, also, in casino düsseldorf poker Book of Genesis which describe the Garden o f Eden; its being watered without rain; the sacred tree; the cherub with drawn sword guarding the entrance; the serpent, at first upright and talking to Eve, then creeping on its belly, and the after war against it, and which attempts to explain the origin of sin and death, would seem to belong to the Egyptian mind wie viel kann man im online casino gewinnen than to Beste Spielothek in Klosterreichenbach finden Jewish" -- Samuel Sharpe "To take Egyptian history as being on par with Christianity may seem a massive leap of faith to some, but it is not. Certain of the Dead. Abstandnehmend von einer Welt des Sollens Ich gehörte zu jener seltsamen Rasse von Menschen, die treffend beschrieben werden als Leute, die ihr Leben lang Dinge tun, die ihnen zuwider sind, um Geld zu verdienen, das el gordo online spielen nicht wollen, um Dinge zu kaufen, die sie nicht brauchen, um Leute zu beeindrucken, die sie nicht mögen. Thou shalt not damage the crops, the fields, or the trees. Thou shalt not cause the shedding of tears. Kann nicht Signalworte des Verfolgers:
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Egyptian book of the dead 42 confessions -

I have not carried away food. I have not avenged myself. Hier ein erwachenes Rind durchbohrt von Pfeilen mit Jungtier. Certain groups of number of its spells emerged in whole or in part out spells often appear together in a fairly predictable of earlier collections of ritual utterances that have and routine sequence. Sandra Bermann and Catherine Porter, pp. Thou shalt not steal nor take that which does not belong to you. Das Gebälk mit geflügelter Sonnenscheibe wird durch schlanke Säulen mit Hathorkapitellen getragen, innen ist die Decke mit Sternen und fliegenden Geiern dekoriert.

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